4th of July Celebrations

My long weekend in Greensboro over 4th of July was just as festive as ever in Greensboro. Sunset Hills was filled with decked-out children in red white and blue with water balloons and flip-flops. Downtown was packed with all walks of life, walking through rediscovered areas in the urban center, gazing and swaying to firework shows, ballgames,  slam poetry and trombone ensembles. Throughout the weekend, there was almost always something to do – including rainstorm excuses to stay inside and catch up on Broad City.

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my great friend Jessica who visited from Michigan. And, a much too brief visit with my childhood friends Beth, Travis and their circus of kiddos and pups. Between all the catch up time, we enjoyed a few too many cocktails and way too many potato chips. We baked Ina’s classic flag cake and a boatload of pasta salad. We had impromptu visits to downtown breweries and concerts and firework shows. We covered most of the center city on foot. It was the quintessential summer weekend.


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