Westerwood Neighborhood’s Wednesday Farmers Market


A couple of months ago, my friend and neighbor, Scott, reached out to me hoping to connect with our nearby church about hosting a small neighborhood farmers market. I was happy to connect him to Alan, the dynamic and youthful new pastor at First Baptist Church, about a potential collaboration. It took only an email and an hour to get the idea off the ground.

That’s what’s so cool about my job, my city and my neighborhood.

Thanks to creative, hardworking, locally-minded partners, artists, farmers and organizers, Westerwood has a well organized and attended Wednesday farmers market. Last night I brought home a loot of fresh asparagus, strawberries and a homemade frozen lasagna (to save for a rainy day).  I promptly grilled the asparagus for a perfect side dish for dinner with a friend. Good olive oil, black seas salt and a squeeze of lemon were the perfect garnish.

I’m making a point to support Westerwood’s Farmers Market. And, you should too! Maybe I’ll see you next Wednesday? We can trade recipes.


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