Spanish Grilled Cheese


When you’re so tired that you can barely think about getting the cutting board out, its time for grilled cheese. As my friend Sarah (who is completely obsessed with grilled cheese) says, “grilled cheese are the choice of many generations, you don’t have to be a chid to have one.” Plus, you don’t need to skip out on a delicious homemade meal when you have manchego cheese, serrano ham, quince paste and good bread. Toasted with butter. That’s actually a recipe. Sweet, salty, buttery, it’s delicious.

This past Sunday night I made the easiest Pea Soup (recipe soon) and toasted sandwiches inspired by Spain with leftover odds and ends from the fridge. But the lessons in this post are – 1. don’t give up on odds and ends and 2. you’re never to old to think grilled cheese isn’t a recipe. So, get creative even in the most tired moments, you’ll surprise yourself.



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