Pre-Spring Cleaning and Uncommon Kitchen Gadgets


I’m not sure about you, but there’s a certain feeling that comes around after the wrap up of the Christmas season and after dirty footprints from a big snowfall. It makes me want to clean, reorganize, spruce up and buy a couple new items to spiff up the home.

I typically end up buying a new comforter cover or candle but this year I invested in some multi-use kitchen pieces from Uncommon Goods. I’m a believer that anything entering my kitchen as a permanent resident should have more than one use – so that leaves out the banana holder I saw yesterday at Homegoods. Useful is key to a less cluttered kitchen!

I picked up the most handy utensil holder with built in iPad holder (no more spinning around near the cutting board), a fancy NC state shaped cheese board for entertaining, some stacking bowls that save space and some other condiments for upcoming parties.

So if you’re feeling the itch for some pre-spring cleaning and sprucing, this is a fun site to play with. And, Uncommon Goods is a BCorporation, meaning they make an intentional positive impact on the world and the environment in addition to profit. Hey! Good karma too. 

Now back to shopping…

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