Bread Cheese? Yes, Bread Cheese!


Last week my gym buddies, True & John, asked me if I had ever tried Bread Cheese. My response was a confused, “Bread? Cheese?” and they replied “Yes!” The next day I went out to buy some and experiment with it while in the mountains.

Similar to halloumi cheese, it can be grilled without melting, but has a more toasty flavor. Last month, Bon Appetit described it “as tasting similar to Brie, French toast, and pizza.” And, I can’t disagree with them. Like the Finnish (the originators of Bread Cheese), we served it as a breakfast side. We grilled it to a high warmth and slathered mountain peach preserves on top. It was squeaky and sweet; with a nice cheesy savory bite.

Another fun ingredient to experiment with – and easy enough to impress guests at your next brunch. You can find Bread Cheese at just about any fancy cheese section.

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