Triple Tomato Chicken Paillard Salad


This salad is a triple threat. Pounded thin slices of chicken breasts or thighs, marinated slightly in balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a couple hours (or even 20 mins) and grilled to charred and tender. Feel free to play with the marinade – just make sure to get your workday aggression out on the chicken so it’s at least a half inch thick.

While grilling (or hell, pan frying if you need to), make a quick mixture of golden tomatoes, bright red grape tomatoes, sliced oil-cured sun dried tomatoes, ripped pieces of mozzarella and baby greens. Lightly dress the garden mixture with olive oil, lemon juice, flaked salt and pepper.

Top slices of the hot chicken with the salad mixture. Allow it to wilt just slightly before digging in.

Every summer Monday deserves this triple threat salad.

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