Summer #soGSO Breakfasts


My weekend was full of adventure. Dinner with my gala team at the new 1618 Downtown, a train ride to Durham for clam pizza, beers and a quick view of the Bulls, a relaxing Sunday with the special treat of a dinner at the new Crafted Art of Street Food plus a walk home on the Downtown Greenway to pick sweet ripe strawberries at the Tradition Cornerstone. Within a three mile radius there are expected and unexpected treats to explore and discover by foot. Breweries, art, delicious foods… my kind of urban foraging. So Greensboro.

My Downtown Greenway strawberries were the perfect way to start my Monday. I piled them on top of Greek yogurt, local honey and crunchy chia seeds. I enjoyed breakfast and home-brewed iced coffee early in this morning while watering my garden. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!


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