Just Because It’s Freezing Dinner Party


This weekend, just because it was freezing out (and because there is always an excuse for a dinner party), I had some friends over for dinner. The restrictions of my 1923 bungalow required that the party included a big fire in the fireplace, the oven on 425 and a space heater in the dining room. And, lots of good wine (thank you Mark!) helped keep body temperatures high too.

With the help of my friend Masha, we pulled together a fabulous surf & turf menu complete with crispy smoked paprika hasselback potatos and a citrusy heart of palm salad. Masha also made the most indulgent brownies for a late night treat by the fireplace.

My dining room table was cluttered with wine glasses and plates with the noise of laughter and clinking glasses. It was a reminder that I needed to come up with more party excuses. I’ll share the recipes this week.

Just Because It’s Freezing Dinner Party Menu

  • Gaucho Style Flank Steak with Chimichuri Sauce 
  • Florida Stone Crabs
  • Smoke Paprika and Garlic Hasselback Potatoes
  • Hearts of Palm Salad



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