Easy Brunch Sides




I decided on Sunday that a brunch might be the easiest party to host, especially when you position them at 12noon with a very casual dress code. In the words of my friend Alison, I recommended to friends to wear their “quitters” (sweat pants/ yoga pants) and come over for brunch on the sofa by the Christmas tree. And, I did my own fair share of short cuts. Pre-cut fruit from the The Fresh Market saved me hours of time cutting fruit. And, I tossed 4 packages of breakfast sausage on a cookie sheet into the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes to do the most simple side. Everyone loved the sausages and they were so much less of a mess than bacon!

Ina Garten always says that nobody has more fun at a party if you kill yourself in the kitchen before hands (that is, of course, paraphrasing). I agree, again with Ina. I couldn’t have been more relaxed when everyone arrived after having an easy morning preparing a big homemade (with shortcut) brunch for friends.

I’ll share the easiest recipe for two simple frittatas tomorrow!

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