Winston’s Winter Walk Brunch



This weekend, Winston the dog hosted a brunch for about 15 of his most community minded friends. The brunch benefitted Triad Health Project’s Winter Walk for AIDS. Winston has hosted this party for a number of years but took a year off and demanded (hear barking) to do the brunch again this year.

We had a spread of frittatas, homemade ‘Cinnabon’ and the easiest breakfast sausage and pre-cut fruit (cutting corners). All the food was devoured before a short walk to UNCG for the 1 mile benefit.

After the party,I cleaned while Winston recovered. I’ll post recipes this week

Winston’s Winter Walk Brunch Menu 

-Homemade Cinnamon Rolls
-Roasted Breakfast Sausages
-Fresh Fruit
-Frittata with Asparagus, goat cheese and mushrooms
-Frittata with spinach, black olives and feta dill Gruyere
-Apple Cider and Bourbon
-Fresh Grapefruit Juice and Vodka

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