My Favorite Holiday Desserts


Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to take a photo of my mother’s Chocolate Bonet before it was devoured at the Thanksgiving table. Instead, I’ll share the sweetest photo of my dog, Winston.  The Bonet was something that I had never heard of – a mixture of cookies pulverized and mixed with dairy to make a rich chocolate flan like dessert. It was a huge hit – so much that my mother wants to duplicate it this year in instead of Chocolate Mousse. There will, undoubtably, be a protest.

In honor of the holidays coming, here are several of my favorite holiday desserts. And, the incredible bonet recipe.


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  1. Cecelia, Love this picture of Winston. And love your creativity and all the fabulous, yummy ways you inspire me – and so many others! You are amazing!!!!!!



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