Andy’s Bloody Mary


This weekend I stumbled upon this sweet photo of my friend Andrew enjoying a Bloody Mary in the mountains. They are a tradition for the boys on Sunday mornings. I’m usually enjoying a greyhound or a water in recovery from a big night before and walk in the morning. But he gets rave reviews from fellow tomato juice drinkers.

I asked Andrew to share his recipe for bloody Mary’s and it was too good of a text not to quote verbatim. Here’s the recipe. Cheers to you!

Well, this won’t satisfy the purists, but I start with Zing Zang mix and then I add a lot of freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, a little Texas Pete, some Worcestershire, a tiny bit more fresh horseradish if there’s some in the house, some ground pepper, and then Absolut vodka. I like to make it in a pitcher – and I think 1 part vodka to 3 parts mix is a better ratio than 1 in 4, but others (Methodists?) may demur. Mix it well with a spatula and serve the blend over crushed ice. I like to skewer several green olives and a lemon wedge in lieu of a celery stalk as a stirrer, but whatever. If you have a highball glass instead of a solo cup (there’s no reason to fool with a double old fashioned glass), you can do the salt rim thing if you like. I think I’ve given that up.

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