Memorial Day Weekend Rose Wine Party


My peonies bloomed this Memorial Day weekend along with a truck load of pollen from my backyard pecan tree. Life seems to act that way often – a couple beautiful blooms in the midst of a lot of mess. In honor of all that is good, I had friends over for a dinner party in the garden with pink peonies and pink wine. I prepared a pan-Asian menu with grilled shrimp and steak plus lots of fresh herbs. A fresh blackberry cheesecake was a decadent end to a long night of laughter and toasts. I hope you had some nice blooms this weekend soon.

A fair warning – Rose wine is very romantic until it isn’t. Nothing like a sandpaper mouth hangover the next day. I’ll post the recipes this week.

Memorial Day Weekend Rose Party

  • Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls
  • Spicy Sesame Noodles
  • Grilled Shrimp
  • Grilled Beef Bulgogi
  • Blackberry Cheesecake
  • way too much rose





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