A stop by Savory Spice Shop!

By the third week in January, odds are you’ve already dropped your New Year’s Resolution. Unless you made up your own “cleanse” like I did – the main staple being turkey pastrami sandwiches and potato chips at First Carolina Deli.  Such balanced meals make up the most effective cleanses.

But, if you are one of the few still sticking to the most popular new year’s resolution of eating healthier, Greensboro’s Savory Spice Shop can provide ideas for cutting the fat and adding flavor with spice this season.  Just over two years ago, Greensboro was one of the many cities across the nation chosen to for the Savory Spice Shop expansion. Local owners Clayton and Cindy Kyle opened a franchise of the Denver, Colorado based company in Greensboro’s Friendly Center.  The duo, plus store manager Ashley Stricker have been assisting Greensboro food lovers in providing healthy alternatives and creative nutritional cooking for spicing up their diets since.

While the holiday season is a particularly popular time to use spices, it’s the New Year’s Cleanse that get the team at Savory Spice Shop concocting their best potions. This January they have already had a variety of new customers looking for unique spices recommended by their doctors.  The Savory Spice team has even had a customer in recovery from a heart attack come straight from the hospital looking for salt-free spices!  The spices are a great way to add flavor without salt or fat.

Those looking for renewal in 2014 need to look no further. The store has 400 spices to choose from. They are versatile, most are gluten free and many salt-free. Spices at the store can be purchased by the ounce or bottleRevamp your diet with these super spices!

Medicinal herbs are among our oldest medicines. Disclaimer: No doctor was consulted in the writing of this post! 

  • The traditional Indian spice, tumeric,  has recently become popular due to recent studies indicating it is a powerful antioxidant. Add it to your roasted vegetables for an unique kick and vibrant color.
  • With five varieties of cinnamon available at Savory Spice Shop, you have plenty to work with for treating muscle spasms. While cinnamon is most popular in sweet decadent treats, experiment with the spice for savory dishes like lamb tagine or Bolognese sauces.
  • Good news, cocoa may just lower the likelihood of heart attack. Research shows cardiovascular improvements, blood pressure, Save this excuse for your sweetheart this coming Valentine’s Day.
  • Kick start your metabolism with a varieties of spicy chilies. Capsaicin, the compound in many chilies, may increase the metabolic rate, which aids in the fat burning process. Try some chilies in your hot chocolate for a double dose of heart improvement!
  •  Tummy troubles? Try caraway and ginger in drinks and dishes for better digestion.
  • Oregano may have more antioxidants than fresh spinach! That Italian dish may be more healthy than you thought!

If you are interested in learning more about cooking with spices, try one of Savory Spice Shops Cooking Classes or Private Tasting Parties! They are covering everything from  curries, vegan cooking, chocolates and varieties of salt.  Or, get some spices and start experimenting in your home kitchen.

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