New Year’s Eve Fried Risotto Balls




My New Year’s Eve celebration was spent with good friends in the North Carolina mountains. It was much more relaxed of an NYE than I can ever remember. We didn’t leave the house all day, had a great brunch, went on a four mile hike, napped, lounged and then spent the night playing cards, eating great food and laughing. Right before midnight we were able to do some great stargazing outside on a chilly walk with Winston.

I must admit, we made way too much food. Yet it was all adventure in the kitchen with tasty results. in the midsts of a heated card game, I served hot fried risotto balls. This recipe was a total test but turned out great. The key is buying frozen risotto from the store. The Fresh Market has two great varieties that are perfect for this use. Skipping the making of the risotto is the only way to do it.

While I know everyone is scaling back for the New Year, perhaps put this one on file for Super Bowl!

New Year’s Eve Fried Risotto Balls

  • 1 box frozen The Fresh Market risotto (pumpkin or mushroom)
  • 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 small ball fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 2 cups Italian seasoned pinko bread crumbs
  • canola oil
  • salt
  • parsley, minced

Prepare the frozen risotto as stated on the box. Add Parmesan cheese. Cook until thick and allow to cool in the refrigerator for about an hour (or in our case, outside on the frozen deck).

Once congealed, roll the risotto in small golf ball sized balls. Stuff a small cube of fresh mozzarella in the middle. Roll in pinko bread crumbs. Chill again.

Heat about one inch of oil in a high-sided pan on high heat. Fry the risotto balls until brown and crispy. Place on a paper towel covered plate and season with salt and chopped parsley. Enjoy while hot!

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