Sunshine State Christmas 2013


Before we we all ring in the New Year, I must share a few photographs from my Sunshine State Christmas with family. This year we had thirteen friends and family gather in North Florida for a traditional holiday celebration with wacky gifts, authentic Melrose BBQ and garden cole slaw, fried oysters on Christmas afternoon followed by my Dad’s famous shrimp creole and my avocado and grapefruit salad. So many classic family recipes that are seasonal and authentic to my homeland roots.

Between all the cooking and eating (and drinking) there was much laughing and storytelling. It is always heartwarming to be home with friends and family. I hope you had as special of a holiday as we did.

I’m back in North Carolina ringing in the new year in the mountains. Many festive recipes to come later in the week! And then, you know, some salads. Xoxo




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