Tis the Season for Knife Sharpening



It’s become a tradition for my folks to visit Mendenhall for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is always a treat to have them in Greensboro and cooking in my kitchen. But, it is also “tradition” of sorts for my Dad to comment about my knives. They are never sharp enough but I tend to deal with their dullness far more than I should (I’m trying not to compare this to other things in my life!). But, not this year!

My dear friend Garland at Massey Creek Farms is starting to offer knife sharpening  as an offshoot of their meat business! It’s different than the standard procedure too. He sharpens by hand to prevent overheating the
blade and destroying the properties of the steel. Believe me, it is good work. I took mine in this week and I’m totally tuned up for Thanksgiving!

Here are the details: Drop off your knives at the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market, at the Massey Creek Farms table and they will be ready for pick up the following market day. He charges by the inch 4″ and under $1/inch, over 4″ $.75/inch. Damaged knives needing extensive work are extra and he does not sharpen serated knives.



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