Goat Cheese Torte




Wouldn’t this Goat Cheese Torte be absolutely beautiful if I was more patient and precisely layered each ingredient together while assembling? It would – but this less than beautiful one was just as tasty.

Using extra ingredients from the pantry and garden, I made several components of this torte before heading up to the mountains. Once there, during the beginning of cocktail hour, I assembled and refrigerated this torte. It’s very savory and pairs really well with crackers and vegetables.

This is an impressive starter to share with guests. Enjoy it during football season and get creative.

Goat Cheese Torte

  • 8 ounce log of local (Goat Lady Dairy) goat cheese
  • 16 ounces, cream cheese
  • 1 cup, homemade summer basil pesto
  • 1 cup, homemade tapenade
  • 1 small jar, sundried tomatoes, minced in the food processor

Line the inside of a large glass bowl with plastic wrap. In a stand up mixer, whip together goat cheese and cream cheese. Layer cheese, then pesto, then cheese, then tapenade, then cheese then tomato mixer. Cover with plastic wrap and chill. Once chilled, flip onto a platter and serve with crackers and crudite.



One comment

  1. It looks great to me! But as I stared at it, I wondered if you could slather some kind of fruit jelly over it all (not too sweet) – just to give it a unifying look and to add one more flavor note.

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