Ice Iced Coffee


I’m doing my best to keep things simple this summer and iced coffee has become a serious staple in the process. Despite sitting on the edge of my chair with Royal Baby news – I’m mostly leaning back. Making iced coffee is super simple to make at home and it’s also best if done in advance. I’ve been making a fair amount of iced coffee and lattes at home using my Nespresso Pixie and buying a plenty at The Green Bean. Below are some options that will meet your kitchens, needs and capabilities. Let me know if you have your own tricks of the trade!

While my friend Jess told me that “the real winner this summer is the shaken iced peach green tea lemonade,” I say keep it simple and sip on iced coffee. Plug in your favorite folk music, put your feet up, bask in the sunshine and sip on a cold caffeinated pick-me-up.

Iced Coffee Options:


  1. Mary James beat me to the enter key. Toddy is great for cold coffee or for hot just as she said.

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