Weekend Recap: Rainy Days, Yawns and Iced Coffee


This weekend Winston was the only one resting. I was busy hosting, cooking and spending time with friends and special guests. I’m just now in recovery (joining Winston on the sofa)!

On Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to cook with my friend and chef, John Jones. We put together a brunch spread for 60 supporters of Greensboro’s US Senator Kay Hagan. We showed off our regions most seasonal goodies – Watermelon, Quick Pickled Cucumber and Tomato Salad, five dozen Massey Creek Deviled Eggs, Braised Pork Shoulder on Biscuitville Biscuits, Pickled Shrimp, Summer Ratatouille Salad and tons of Loaf Bakery Jalepeno and Cheddar & Peach and Blueberry Scones! After all the cooking and clean up (including a clogged kitchen sink of egg shells – ack!), it was nice to kick back, watch the rain and enjoy leftover coffee.

….By the way, have you been to Beansboro in Greensboro? Kyle, their own, brought the most amazing iced coffee that you must try! It will change the way you think about summertime.

Anyway, I also made my own homemade iced coffee and banana nut muffins this weekend. I’ll share the recipes this week.




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