Providence, Patriotism & Provisions





Happy Monday! I’m back to the grind today after a week off the grid and on vacation in Providence, Rhode Island. Folks keep saying, “I bet New England was cool and crisp!” That is funny… as there was a major heat wave through the Northeast last week. We spent the majority of our time seeking shade under trees and laughing our way out of heat stroke. Graham coined the trip as a “very hot date in the Ocean State.” All kidding aside, it was a fantastic escape and a beautiful city to explore on foot. If you visit, here is a list of some of our escapades and recommended local provisions.

A walking tour of Brown University and Downtown Providence (with shaded rest by the river)

A picnic of Seven Stars Olive Bread, Narragansett Olive Treasure Cheese, Salami and Summer Tomatoes

An amazing afternoon breeze and city views at Prospect Park with Roger Williams

India Point Park 4th of July Concert and Fireworks on the water – brought to us by Mayor Angel Taveras and Rock 105.2 Jams (playlist including Mylie Cyrus ‘Party in the USA’ and Neil Diamond ‘Coming to America’…which was hilarious)

Cinnamon Buns and Hot Coffee at Seven Stars Bakery 

Caprese Salad with Prosciutto at Venda Ravioli in Federal Hill

What? What? Pick our your LIVE chickens at Antonelli Poultry Inc (the only live poultry store in Rhode Island)

A cool afternoon in the RISD Museum

Spanish Tapas and Portuguese Vino Verde at Flan y Ajo and Eno Fine Wines… Pimientos de Padrón Fritos, Giant Shrimp in Lemon Garlic Oil, Mushrooms and more… (a must go!)

Craft Gin and Tonics On Tap with Grapefruit Bitters at The Eddy 

Large Iced Coffees at Blue State Coffee 

Hot Club Beers and Views

….a jump back home to my pup and much air conditioning.

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