Fried Green Tomato Stacks



Last week I held a small birthday party in honor of my dear friend Jamey. We’ve been celebrating Jamey’s birthday over the years with fantastic parties at their mountain house in Deep Gap. This year we were all too busy to break away but couldn’t resist getting together for a nice meal and lots of rose wine.

I love hosting birthday parties – a special occasion to cook something special for a friend, an excuse to go a little over-the-top and set a beautiful table with lots of color and fresh flowers (I’m loving hydrangeas right now from my garden!). The over-the-top part of Jamey’s birthday menu was the Fried Green Tomato Stacks.

Fried green tomatoes are really only permitted once a year but are an amazing treat to surprise friends with. I use a simple recipe of buttermilk, eggs, cornmeal, flour and garlic powder. And fry in a mix of canola oil and butter. The recipe is from Garden & Gun Magazine but I scale back the frying proportions dramitcally for the sake of all mental and physical health. This recipe is incredible and worth all the mess. I served the green tomatoes stacked between a smear of pimento cheese and a sliver of super hot fire-roasted jalapenos (a big kick!). You could easily replace the jalapeno for fresh basil.

Tis the season for this treat – so hop on it this holiday!

Fried Green Tomato Stacks


  • Garden and Gun ACME Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Your favorite pimento cheese. The Fresh Market and My Three Sons make great store bought and I love homemade too.
  • Basil or fire-roasted jalapeno (I made my own by charring fresh jalepeno on the gas burner and then steaming in a paper bag)



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