Summer, It’s Here.


Schools out, the humidity has hit and Winston has been lying in a dead-dog pose for the majority of the weekend. Yes, it feels like the must anticipated summer we’ve all been whining for. Steering into summer has been recommended and I really like that idea. So, here’s to it.

I’ve been seriously preoccupied by life-happenings so I have few recipes to report. However, here are my ten recommendations on steering into summertime… Enjoy. More recipes soon.

  1. a salmon salad
  2. a grass-fed beef burger 
  3. a bowl of cherries
  4. a glass of vinho verde
  5. another glass of crisp French rosé
  6. two pots of cucamelons for summertime cocktails
  7. this extremely catchy song.
  8. an afternoon drive to a local farm 
  9. the first firefly sightings
  10. morning news and lots of iced coffee


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