Weekend Recap: Blooming Optimism




There are moments when Spring is in full bloom (see my secret garden above!) that I feel the most optimism for my city. Seeing a quilted pattern of picnic blankets across Center City Park, a menagerie of friends hunkered inside the Greensboro Children’s Museum during a spring storm or a humorous hint of opera in a friends home on a Sunday night with friendly faces and homemade sushi. These are the moments that define a sense of place for me – and give me optimism for all the labor that has yet to bloom.

My weekend recap has no report of cooking! Although, I did eat very well (between trip to the gym and pilates!).

Friday night I joined my friends and Greensboro Symphony lovers for a game of Name That Tune with the Canadian host of Cash Cab. I’ll confess that my table came in last – but we still enjoyed delicious foods (made my the talented Reto) and views at the top of Center Pointe overseeing the activities in Center City Park. On Saturday, we enjoyed adult play inside the Greensboro Children’s Museum – with lots of adult beverages and delicious treats from local vendors (shout out to Jay Pierce, John Jones, Zaytoon and Tea Hugger!). And, a delicious shrimp dish from The Fresh Market!

And, if it wasn’t enough, I was treated to homemade sushi, saki and song at my dear friend Michiko’s home tonight. She invited music lovers over for a special sneak peak of the Greensboro Opera’s performance of Mikado coming up in June. A really special evening hearing young talent from UNCG.

I’m humbled and grateful for the work of all three of these organizations. They make Greensboro rich with community, vibrancy and diversity. Check them out and support them!

Tomorrow night, I’m off to judge the Fire in the Triad Competition Dining Series – Downtown Greensboro’s Kristina Fuller of Crafted versus J. Peppers. Can’t wait to report on the secret ingredient (I’m hoping for pimento cheese or country ham) and the results of the competiton.

In the meantime, pray for my waistband and feel good about your city. Greensboro’s ready to bloom.

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