I’m finally coming up for air after a very hectic week of work and play. I’ve been engulfed in all sorts of mayhem and haven’t had a chance to cook or report on not cooking!  Thanks to a full day of Sunday sluggish activity, I’m regaining inspiration for being a balance human (whatever that might look like).

Here’s a little recap of my week and weekend – plus some recommendations for making the best of days ahead.

  • #ggfnc Guilford Green Foundation held their annual Gala this weekend in Downtown Greensboro. The evening was a beautiful celebration of ’50 Shades of Green’, much impact for our LGBT Community and my dear friend Ivan’s many accomplishments. Congrats to all.
  • #springclean It’s time for a refresh at my house. I’m making my way to spring renewal with new soaps (I love the Grapefruit & Mint French Milled Soap from The Fresh Market) and lots of colorful tulips which I have in more than one room in the house. It’s amazing how much happiness I gain from having fresh flowers in my house. An essential splurge.
  • #springboard My respected friends and I released a white paper on our vision for downtown Greensboro this week. We are excited about the community’s enthusiasm and look forward to building a strong team to make positive change in our urban ‘hood. Busy days and hard work are ahead but I’m particularly proud of our momentum.
  • #springchicken A whole week without cooking gave me an itch to roast a spring chicken for Sunday Supper on a very cold and wet day in NC. I put a new twist on my usual rosemary chicken – my Spring Chicken was roasted with cipollini onions and fennel bulb  and slathered with tarragon, fennel fronds, dijon mustard, lemon and black pepper. With a glass of Pinot Grigio it starts to feel warmer outside despite the chance of sleet! I’ll post the recipe this week.

Have a great week ahead. Hope to see you somewhere.







  1. Hi-
    You should include links to the organizations that you mention.
    Thank you and thank you for this informative posting about some positive movement for Greensboro.

  2. You said it well. I have been trying to phrase everything I am doing/going through right now. I guess my life is just out of balance – trying to start a new business (in another state), just launched a kickstarter project to help fund the new business, we have our house on the market for sale, still have my real job (which is going thru some crazy stuff right now). I feel overwhelmed and need to rebalance.

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