Let’s Juice It


Let’s take a trip back to the color wheel. It’s really the hardest part about making fresh delicious juice beverages. There are few brown liquids that look appetizing. So, don’t mix things that are orange (like carrots) with green things (like kale). Or blueberries. I do want to make a purple drink though… beets and blueberries…let me report back on that one.

I have a T-Fal Juice Extractor ..and I’ve become a big fan the last couple of weeks. It’s a simple machine – but super powerful and easy to clean. And, it retails at less than $80 dollars.

Here are two of my favorite.  I recommend adding ginger to all drinks. It’s spicy and refreshing and makes you feel immediately healthy. I’m working on new juices – any suggestions?

  • Carrot, Granny Smith Apple and Ginger
  • Kale, Fuji and Granny Smith Apples, Ginger

One comment

  1. Yum! I got a juicer for Christmas and I’m getting over the hangover of juicing through a 25-lb bag of carrots but I still love it. I had a random bottle of ginger juice that needed to be used or eventually thrown out so I decided to add it to most of my juices.

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