February is for? Friends, Cheese and Wine.


February is finally here and I must say – I’m never sad to say goodbye to January. Seasonal depression is never charming.  And, while many roll their eyes at the thought of February – a time for sweeties and sweet potatoes – I’m just happy to inch my way into Springtime. February can be a time to embrace any kind of love – the love of food (my Facebook cover photo!), love of city (today is Greensboro’s anniversary of the original sit-in movement up the street from my office) and love of  friends. So, in the name of love, I’ll share this photo of my favorite foodie couple – Julia and Paul Child (hilariously enough this photo is a  Valentine’s Day card they sent to friends in 1956 in response to FBI questioning of Paul’s sexuality.)

What is better way to celebrate love  than with good cheese and wine? So, here are some suggestions for your cheesy love-fests this February. The recommendations were actually curated when I commissioned two love birds to help me with wine and cheese pairings at The Fresh Market. No, not Julia and Paul Child (those adventures are only in one’s dreams) but my friends Mark and Julie. I actually was part of a (not-so)covert operation this summer in setting them up and they’ve been inseparable since. Mark loves wine and Julie loves cheese – which makes them lovely advisors in selecting the best “For the Love of Cheese and Wine” recommendations.

Enjoy and spread the love.

For the Love of Cheese & Wine, February Suggestions: 
  • Sweet & Savory! Pair a pungent blue cheese, like a creamy gorgonzola or classic Maytag blue with a sweeter wine to contrast sweet and savory. Try a Reisling like the Trimbach Reisling from the Alsace region of France or an even a sweeter Moscato wine with a slight effervescence.
  • Opposites Attract! Pair a creamy buttery triple cream, like the Saint Andre Triple Cream,  with a crisp and acidic wine. Try a French Sancerre! Or, if you prefer a classic Chardonnay – pair buttery notes with each other – a Brie or Triple Cream with the classic Mer Soleil Chardonnay.
  • Spicy and Robust! If you like robust flavors, pair a hard spicy cheese that will stand up to a rich red wine, like a Cabernet Sauvignon. Mt favorite combination is the Bellavitano Sartori Black Pepper with the Decoy Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

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