Oxtail Ragu over Homemade Gnocchi



This time of year calls for rich stews and ragus that take at least two days long to create. What else are you doing with 20 degree weather outside? And, remember, the oven keeps the house warm! This menu is great for a cold Sunday night hunkered down after a day of sledding. Which, I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to do this winter!

As Apartment Therapy said today (better than I could ever as a Floridian),

Here are the reasons that you, a grown adult of sound mind and body, should go sledding: it’s good clean fun that doesn’t cost a dime, there’s no one to stop you from going on the steep path, and you get to bring a flask. Also, that dinner that you slow-cooked earlier in the day is going to taste amazing when you and your buds tromp in from the snow. Yup, sledding party: it needs to happen.”

I agree, it needs to happen.

And, here is a good cold-weather menu for your files. Oxtail ragu sounds a little extravagant but it really is quite modest! Oxtails are less expensive than other cuts of meets for stews and ragus. At $6.99 a pound at The Fresh Market, it’s a deal – and  is much less expensive than the beef for a bourguignon. Oxtails are a little richer and it will take some time to remove the meet and discard of the fats. I recommend setting aside two days to make this meal – I know, a labor of love! I used this step-by-step Oxtail Ragu recipe from Rouxbe Cooking School online – and replaced the chanterelle mushrooms with a mix of cremini and shitake.

I’ve tried several recipes for homemade gnocchi and prefer this recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine.  You could also serve the ragu over pasta or polenta!

Here’s to a snow day in our future!

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