Florida Christmas Recap: Fried Oysters



It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and we will be bringing in another year on Mendenhall Street. Time really flies by – for real, ya’ll. I’m not going to lie, 2012 was so good to me that I’m worried that it couldn’t be better! Best day ’til the next day, pretty please…

With that said, Winston and I are just back from a very warm and sunny Christmas Holiday in the Sunshine State. It is always special to be with family over the holiday and this year was no exception. Between a great deal of (much needed) lazy time in my parent’s living room by the fireplace, we did a lot of cooking, entertaining, picking fruit and sipping on fresh citrus cocktails.

On Christmas Day, we hosted (almost!) the entire family for a full table of nine. We made a giant paella with Florida shrimp, mussels, chicken and spicy sausage – plus grapefruit and avocado salad, a colorful roasted beet salad, chocolate mousse and an apricot dacquoise! And, if that wasn’t enough, we fried Florida oysters on the back patio before dinner with champagne! Outdoor hors d’oeuvres are a luxury of Sunshine State living (makes up for brutally hot Indian summers) and we love to take advantage on sunny years. I have a feeling that fried oysters on the patio might become a new Thompson Family tradition! These we’re so delicious and a perfect treat. All and all – a feast for the best family a girl could ask for.

I’m looking forward to spending a quiet night home tomorrow by the fire with a couple friends, Winston, a big lit fireplace and lots of cheese fondue. If you are feeling adventurous, make some homemade fried oysters for your New Year’s Eve party. Serving them to friends will certainly give you good kudos in 2013.

See you then!

Captain Tommy’s Fresh Florida Fried Oysters 

  • 2 quarts, fresh oysters
  • Canola Oil
  • Equal parts, crushed Saltine Crackers and Zatarain’s: Seasoned Fish Fry New Orleans Breading Mix

In a deep fryer or a dutch oven, bring the oil up to 375 degrees. The temperature is higher to quickly brown the coating but not overcook the oyster. Cook for just long enough to brown. Do not over cook!

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