Happy Thanksgiving! Fresh Market Pumpkin Gelato!

Last month, New York Magazine said, “Pumpkin the New Bacon.” And while I beg to differ (we are, however, in hog country), I have found myself sneaking in a couple trendy pumpkin flavored treats this Fall. For instance, The Fresh Market’s new line of gelato that includes flavors including “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice.” It tastes like a pumpkin pie and would be the perfect sneaky cheat if you’re looking to skip baking a homemade pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow my family will start rolling into Greensboro for Thanksgiving on Mendenhall Street. We’ll be preparing our traditional “un-turkey” celebration with my Grandfather and his wife, Donna. Hopefully they will be satisfied with Massey Creek Farm lamb shanks instead of a traditional turkey. With cheesy polenta, citrus glazed carrots, brussels sprouts and homemade desserts – I think they will be just fine. Cause homemade pumpkin pie or store-bought Pumpkin Spice gelato, turkey or local lamb – thanksgiving is about the folks around the table. I can’t wait to share photos, recipes and new found family traditions after the holiday. Ya’ll have a great Thanksgiving!

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