Spicy Cranberry Ginger Bourbon Cocktails


Somewhere between breaking out the bourbon and finding fresh cranberries at the grocery – it starts to really feel like the holiday season. To make it more fun, The Fresh Market actually has their own miniature cranberry bog in their produce section allowing you to dish up exactly how many cranberries you need for the particular recipe! And in this recipe, the cranberries taste center stage adding a nice tartness and acting as a beautiful garnish. I threw whole cranberries directly into the cocktail glasses but I may try to muddle them next time for an extra kick. Depending on your preference for sweetness,  you could also mash them with a big of natural sugar.

This cocktail blend is best (in my opinion) with Blenheim Spicy Ginger Ale. It’s less sweet and has a serious kick of fresh ginger. Make sure to choose the Blenheim with the hot pink cap – that’s the real deal. Seriously, skip the sugary stuff and support this South Carolina brand!

There are no exact measurements to this delicious beverage. Just a handful of cranberries (whole or muddled) on top of ice. Add bourbon and ginger ale to taste. It’s refreshing but will warm you up this holiday season! Enjoy it by a Japanese Maple Tree outside or by a roaring fireplace.


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