Celebrating Fall Light & Color

After a full summer and crazy fall, things are finally starting to slow down in my world. And, I have a lot to celebrate.  With much accomplished this year, I’m looking forward to spending some quality downtime next week with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday on Mendenhall. It’ll be extra special this year as my grandfather will be visiting from Florida – and visiting my home on Mendenhall  for the first time! I’ll certainly have a lot of recipes after the holiday (we’re planning another “un-turkey day” celebration with Massey Creek lamb!). And soon after Turkey Day, bells will ring as I welcome (?) my 30th birthday. Deep breaths…

Speaking of celebrating, I’m extremely excited to be launching partnership with The Fresh Market this holiday season. I’ve been a huge fan of The Fresh Market since I moved to Greensboro back in the day and I’ve spent many hours daydreaming and brainstorming through their aisles since then. There’s something about the intimate nature of their stores – with particulars for quality and unique ingredients – that always inspires me to celebrate. Which has only equated into a lifestyle of celebration on Mendenhall and reflected through Mod Meals.  And since they are a local company with an interest in supporting the local dreams of food producers and food bloggers alike – I’m smiling from ear to ear. So, look out for recipes and entertaining tips that are inspired by The Fresh Market. They’ll be just as accessible and unique as their stores.

So, before all the tradition of un-turkey day and big birthdays, I invited some friends over this weekend enjoy the Fall light, share a meal and gaze at the spectacular color on Mendenhall Street. It couldn’t be more beautiful watching cyclists and joggers breeze by with the surprise of warm weather. To take full advantage, I set up a dining table directly on the front porch! We enjoyed a menu full of fall ingredients that were spiced up a bit for the occasion. Sweet potatoes whipped with red curry paste and coconut milk, pan roasted pork chops with fresh pomegranate and a molasses glaze and slightly sticky brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and bacon. I put the meal together in little time (after a late morning in bed with coffee, the dog and a lot of news coverage) and allowed the colorful menu blend in with the orange, red and yellow of the environment. We washed it all down with spicy cocktails of tart fresh cranberries, spicy ginger ale and bourbon.

I’ll share the recipes throughout the week. It’ll give you plenty of time to inspire your own unique Thanksgiving sides – or just stock up at The Fresh Market and make my recipes! Here’s the menu and some photos from the afternoon. Stay tuned for recipes this week! Cheers!

Colorful Fall Dinner 

  • Spicy Ginger and Fresh Cranberry Bourbon Cocktails
  • Pan Roasted TFM Bone-In Pork Chops with Pomegranate Glaze
  • Balsamic Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Pearl Onions
  • Whipped Red Curry and Coconut Milk Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Onions
  • The Fresh Market Pumpkin Spice Gelato with Cookies

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