Hearty & Light Fall Dinner

Oh, thank the lord for an hour more rest in the morning. It’s been crazy ’round here! Yesterday, I spent my morning watching CBS Sunday Morning and gathering years worth of old t-shirts to donate. Extra room in my wardrobe is always welcome and how many t-shirts can any single girl own!? Meanwhile, Winston spent his extra hour having a stand-off with a cat on the front porch. Not all of us can be as productive.

After 90-minutes of sweaty yoga and an afternoon of house-purging, I worked up an appetite for hearty but healthy menu by the fireplace. I’m pretty proud of this menu – it’s fresh with a punch of fruit and fall ingredients. I used a number of Fresh Market brand ingredients – specifically their line of quinoa! They also now have pomegranate molasses in stock which I’m excited to experiment with!

I’m not sure what I’m more excited about – my extra hour of sleep, fireplace usage or brussels sprouts in season. Luckily enough, I put them together last night! Recipes this week!

Hearty & Light Fall Dinner 

  • Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit & Basil Relish
  • Caramelized Pomegranate Glazed Brussels Sprouts
  • Quinoa with Cranberries & Slivered Almonds

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