Fire Engines, Chili Cook Cook Offs and Divine Moments of Regularity

I’m just home from judging this year’s Westerwood Neighborhood Chili Cook Off on Crestland Street. I gotta say – Westerwood takes their chili seriously! Between small zombies and baby pink zebras – there were twenty-eight homemade chilis made by my neighbors. From vegan to creamy – spicy to just darn hot – their flavors were another reminder of why I love my neighborhood so dearly. My friend Rick Scott took 1st place with a rich beef chili. Check out Rick’s NC BBQ Company online – as it is the perfect time to start planning holiday gifts and he’ll ship NC BBQ anywhere!  And after much talk, Scott Hicks brought home 2nd place! The cook-off was colorful and friendly – warm and humbling – why Westerwood is such a gem to our City.

The cook-off and walk to-and-from Crestland was the perfect ending to a very fun weekend. I made some pickled deviled eggs, jazzed up store-bought pizzas and a so-so cinnamon bread pudding in between errands and halloween parties. I love weekends with little to report – just enjoying moments of regularity.

Recipes coming soon… in the meantime, Happy Tricks and Treats…Don’t forget to Early Vote.



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