Manhattans and Horsefeathers

It seems the only thing that can keep a girl warm on a cold day like today is a bourbon cocktail – or maybe just a blanket with sleeves and a furry dog. Either way, as the weather begins to change (dramatically as it did overnight this weekend) it is time to transition from vinho verde and gin to something with a little more warmth. And, I think a good bourbon drink is a great way to start.

Last Thursday I mixed up a couple bourbon beverages for friends after work. With good bourbon, ginger beer and summer Leveraging Orchard cherries soaked in bourbon (about 6 months) on hand – it was an easy bar to serve anything from sweet to masculine.

I’m not the best bartender and I make drinks like I cook. Here is a rough idea on how to stir up these heartwarming drinks. Taste them as you go. What’s the worst that could happen?

Horsefeather = bourbon + lots of bitters + good ginger ale or ginger beer + served over ice

Manhattan = bourbon + couple dashes of bitters + splash of vermouth + cherries+ stirred on ice, served in a martini glass.

Order a flat of firewood, break out the comforters and invest in some good southern bourbon. It’s about to get cold and cozy around here.

One comment

  1. Nothing like a real Manhattan in Greensboro or anywhere else. There is lots of variability in how they are prepared. I usually ask and have them prep to my tastes. Cherries and a splash of juice makes the difference.

    Bourbon soaked cherries is my next project at home………

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