The Most Guilty of BLTs

It’s starting to feel like Fall and I’m having bittersweet thoughts of the welcome of cooler weather and the goodbye of good summer tomatoes. It’s so hard to say goodbye, as my new car’s 90 on 9 radio station likes to say (or was that Boyz to Men)?

In the last few weeks of good tomatoes, I decided to blow it all out with the most guilty BLT for my friends at a movie night in the park. It’s local and delicious – and I only ate half for dinner (and the other half for breakfast!). I invite you to feel the guilt.

Here it goes – a toasted Loaf Hamburger Buns (you must try them), a good slather of My Three Sons Pimento Cheese, a whole, seeded roasted jalapeno (just put the jalapeno directly on the gas burner until blackened, into a paper bag to steam and peal off skin – slice and discard the seeds), arugula, really thick bacon and an even thicker seasoned slice of North Carolina juicy tomato. It’ll make your heart hurt but it’s so worth it.

Oh, and I shared with a pregnant friend – so I get points for that…right?

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