Foggy Mountain Weekend and Recipes to Share

Winston and I spent this Labor Day inside watching the fog above the North Carolina Mountains from our friend’s mountain home in Deep Gap, NC. It couldn’t have been a better time to leave our cell phone connections behind. We did our best to do nothing and spent much time sleeping, stirring cocktails, cooking and eating really great meals.

As I type from a soggy Greensboro City Council meeting – in hopes of a positive leap forward for bringing food trucks into Downtown Greensboro -I apologize again for the lack of photos to share. But! I’m going to give you links to some really great recipes we tried this weekend!

Friday night, we made a surf and turf spread with plenty of St.Germain cocktails and red wine. Jamey and Phil made a Ginger-Shiitake Cream Sauce that paired perfectly with grilled shrimp and steaks. Jamey picked up fresh North Carolina shrimp from the Shrimp Connection in Greensboro and Andrew provided great fillet mignons from the Fresh Market. I agreed to grill and we ate into the late night.

We dedicated Saturday to Tex-Mex cuisine and I made fresh salsa from Jeff’s Goat Lady CSA peppers and tomatoes, guacamole, tacos pastor with grilled pineapple, shredded purple cabbage and super spicy chipotle sour cream – and a black bean, corn and quinoa salad. Overall, it was extremely spicy but we enjoyed the heat after such a relaxing day.

Before heading home and detouring through the quiet country of West Jefferson, we used all the leftovers to make breakfast burritos for brunch. The downpour of leftover hurricane rain on Sunday’s drive home reminded me of the storm ahead this week.

Hopefully I’ll report good news before bedtime. In the meantime, book these recipes for your upcoming cooking adventures and gatherings. They are all Mod Meals approved.

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