Cleansing Diet? Not this. Grilled Salmon with Lime Butter

I’m considering doing one of those crazy three day liquid cleanses. Fruit every two hours for three days? How bad could it be? Well, to start, extremely boring. These cleanses are the ones I usually roll my eyes and bitch about when my friends tell me they are giving up fun for health. But, after too many days of summer play, I think it’s time to give up the bacon. Well, at least for a couple days. I’ll surely report if I actually try this.

Speaking of summer fun, I made this recipe for Grilled Salmon with Lime Butter Sauce last week for a small pool party with friends. I needed a dish that I could put together last minute and bring very few utensils. This recipe was the trick and turned out to be very delicious. The butter didn’t make it the least bit healthy (hence the cleanse) but it was Julia Child’s 100th birthday that day. I can make an excuse for anything, really.

This recipe can be put together at the very last minute and is great for a impromptu dinner or outing at the park or pool. Enjoy it!

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