Call for Casseroles

Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art is hosting a Casserole Contest as a part of their House Warming hand’s on art and music party on Friday, October 5th at 8:00pm. My friend Mary Lacklan and I will be judging the contest – so bring on all innovative, creative, heart warming and cherished family recipes. And, be a sport – avoid the canned cream of anything aisle if possible. You could win a handmade casserole dish or unique apron decorated by an artist – and most likely an embarrassing portrait on MMoM!

Not interested in casseroles? Come out for the event to take part in home-brews and hand-made art. I also hear rumor of basket weaving, infrared family portraits, pillow making and homemade instruments in a collective jamboree (hold on to those old chop-sticks and coffee cans). Wear an apron or pajamas and get a free drink!

To enter the Call for Casseroles, please fill out this form and send to

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