Foodie Tour of the Rosewood Neighborhood

This weekend I was lucky enough to join the Goat Lady CSA’s Foodie Culture Tour of the Montagnard Gardens in the Rosewood Neighborhood. We were graciously hosted by the Women’s Learning Group – a circle of Montagnard refugee women that came together to address community problems. The Rosewood Neighborhood is a little over a mile outside downtown Greensboro and is made up of 25% Montagnard families. Through a grant from the Community Foundation’s Building Stronger Neighborhoods program, the women have been coming together this year to build community, learn English and share gardens!

The women’s group was generous to give us a tour of three home gardens, share their gardening techniques, cooking traditions and teach us how to make spring rolls. It was an incredible experience learning from them first hand.  Here is a little photo summary of our tour. I’ll post more on the spring rolls this week!

Make sure to check out the MMoM Facebook page for more photos!

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