Weekend Recap: Mindful and Minty

The brightest part of this muggy Monday morning on Mendenhall was waking up to the bouquet of mint that I arranged this weekend. My neighbors have a literal mountain of mint growing on their front hill right now (of which I cut from quite frequently!). I’ve thought about covering my entire hill in mint — as I’m pretty sure an invasive species is the only thing that will grow on its gnarlyness. However, I’ve kept my Westerwood neighbors in mind in this decision. One must be mindful with mint – among other things.

Massey Creek Farm Merguez Lamb Sausage was the talk of the town this weekend. And, it lives up to it’s reputation. I sampled and purchased my own on Saturday morning at the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market along with a giant cucumber to make my own tzatziki sauce. Garland at Massey Creek recommended pairing the sausage with a Harrisa Spice Mix from Savory Spice Shop. As if it couldn’t be any better! I combined it all into a grilled flatbread. Harrisa spice and olive oil as a base, grilled vidalia onion, garlicy green olives, grilled merguez, feta cheese and a tzatziki to top it off. It was a messy feast that I plan on making again soon – perhaps with some fresh Mendenhall mint as a garnish.

Sunday was concluded with a nice brunch with an old college friend turned cheese maker and blogger in Durham. Check out his blog Green Eats and try Watts Grocery for brunch next time you’re in Durham.

Enjoy the humidity this week and keep up your fingers crossed as I face another food truck meeting today.

One comment

  1. jonathan reports that the charcoal’s lit and he’s ready to grill the Merguez and Vidalia onion brushed with Harissa/olive oil. Plans to toast Jack’s Corner Deli pita, and garnish with garlicky green olives, feta and tzatziki…and some fresh mint, grown in a raised bed on the dock. he and Anne have been looking forward to preparing this meal.

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