For All That is Glamorous and Unglamorous – A Happy 3rd Blogiversary to MMoM!

In a slight exhaustion from driving back to Mendenhall from Florida, I wanted to quickly report that today is the 3rd Blogiversary of Mod Meals on Mendenhall! I can hardly believe that it’s been this long — although I do remember how hot it was the summer of 2009 when I started posted my first recipe! Since then, I’ve had an amazing time sharing experiences and recipes with you over the years. And while I don’t typically share all that is unglamorous with you (like the fish scaling above), it’s been a pleasure exploring all sides of what is culinary in our area – from cold and damp sweet potato farms to beautiful sunny afternoons cooking with fresh local Piedmont produce. It’s been a tasty and amusing ride.

An official Blogiversary celebration has yet to be planned but I look forward to celebrating with some rest tonight … and a little smoked mullet dip I carried back from the homeland.


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