Weekend Recap: A Sunny Day for Food Trucks in Downtown!

Friends and new faces walked, biked and drove to the Edible Schoolyard on Saturday for a special lunch from of the 1618 Mobile Kitchen.  They made my chorizo dog, an awesome tuna taco, a farmer’s market roasted veggie sandwich on homemade foccacia bread – and a very popular basil lemonade with basil right from the Edible Schoolyard! It was a scorcher but we all survived and left happy!

It was nice to see so many show support for both the Edible Schoolyard, 1618 and the beginning of a conversation about making downtown Greensboro more inclusive of food trucks. It was so reassuring to hear conversations about “rediscovering downtown” as they walked around downtown after years of not visiting. Or, friends that went across the street to get their first Greensboro library card and visited the new exhibit at the Historical Museum after lunch. Imagine if we could do this more often!

With that said, if you’d like to see more food trucks downtown, ask your city council person to reconsider how they are regulated in Greensboro. It’s easy, just shout out to them here! 

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