Looking Up Towards the Weekend

Last night I skipped the gym and had friends over for delivery pizza and vinho verde on my purple picnic table. It felt great to relax and feel summertime creep in. It was a breezy warm night with nothing to fight but mosquitoes. After dinner, we took a stroll through Westerwood and College Hill neighborhoods and planted ourselves on Tate Street for a shared cup of yogurt. We passed a t-ball game in a Baptist Church parking lot, “seek peace and pursue it” signs in front yards and snuck into a Spanish style apartment building that could one day be a dreamy retirement home. It reminded me of childhood summer breaks full of adventure and simplicity. Perhaps my new bright yellow lace-up Keds made the adventure more nostalgic (I haven’t owned a pair in over 10 years when I purchased them at my family’s department store in Tarpon Springs, FL).

Our city is best explored on foot and I hope you’ll seek time for simple summertime adventure – and pursue it.

If you’re in Greensboro tonight, consider venturing out on foot for a Summer Solstice celebration at the Weatherspoon Art Museum or a Ghostbusters picnic under the stars in Center City Park (hello, ecto cooler!). I hear there will be plenty of blueberries and basil at the Greensboro Curb Market tomorrow for those cooking a Father’s Day feast on Sunday.

Enjoy. I’m off to start my weekend early.

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