Weekend Recap: Mobile Food, Cherries and Uzbek

Another weekend has flown by! Which means my email box is full of updates and Monday whines from girlfriends across the country. We can say it together, “Why does it have to be Monday?”

I can’t complain as my weekend was full of fun. Friday night I spent my evening in the 1618 Mobile Kitchen researching for my upcoming News & Record piece on food trucks. Much more to come – but if you are interested in joining a crew of food truck supporters, let me know.

Saturday, friends and I drove to Virginia to cherry pick in the Levering Orchard. It was a surprisingly chilly day (note the our picnic huddled in a strange fort on the BlueRidge Parkway) but we came home with giant bags of fresh cherries. I’ll be working on a batch of Cherry Bounce tonight!

I came home Saturday night to be treated to a homemade dinner made by my friends Masha and Mir. They prepared a delicious dish traditional to Uzbek – and I brought Russian vodka! Needless to say, it was a very eventful evening full of many laughs and stories.

Considering the major consumption of food this weekend, I’ll post some summer salad recipes this week – including a quinoa and brown rice salad I brought to our cherry picking picnic!

Hope your June is starting off well too!


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