Grilled Romaine Salad with Spicy Caesar Dressing

I’ve never been a big fan of grilled romaine lettuce but this recipe may have changed my opinion. The trick with grilled lettuce is to keep it in large pieces (I cut these hearts of romaine in half) and grill them on high heat for a good char but not too long. If you leave them on the grill too long, they just get soggy. Crank up the heat on your grill and don’t walk away while the romaine are toasting!

We used a Bobby Flay recipe for a Spicy Caesar Dressing that everyone fell in love with (we made it twice over the weekend!). The recipe is full of chipotles, anchovies, capers, hot sauce and lots of other wacky ingredients. There are many components but you’ll probably have most of them on hand. I made a couple adjustments to the recipe – one of which was adding a Trosly farm fresh raw egg yolk instead of mayonnaise. You can make this decision with your comfort level.

Check out Bobby Flay’s recipe here.  Enjoy!


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