Off Mendenhall Greek Cooking Class at the Edible Schoolyard

I hear that folks are starting to call my Edible Schoolyard Cooking Classes “Cecelia’s Supper Club.” I like that – and I love that folks are returning and making friends in the classes. We had another great evening in the Greensboro Children’s Museum Edible Schoolyard making lots of Greek dishes. And, of course, eating LOTS of Greek food.

I was especially pleased to have so many folks step up to help. Athens Foods shipped the museum a huge box of their phyllo dough. We played with it all day and left a ton for the little ones to learn with and enjoy. Mezzetta Grape Leaves also sent in their exceptional jars of Napa Valley Grape Leaves. I’ve been rolling grape leaves since I was tiny – and it is always hard finding good grape leaves. Mezzetta’s were big and not torn one bit – I highly recommend them! The guys at King Oscar provided lots of anchovies for our adventurous chefs! Everyone left with a new love for the little fish and coupons to buy their own. And, last but never least, local friends at The Extra Ingredient and Massey Creek Farms threw in coffee and eggs to help out. Both local farm and store are generous supporters of the museum and we owe our business to them!

Lots of friends and food were shared – and last but not least, here is the menu and recipes. Looking forward to another Supper Club on October 8th. Email me at to sign up.

Off Mendenhall Greek Cooking Class Menu: 

Special Thanks to Contributors to the Class! 

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