Ice Cream Cone Weather!

My office is right next door to Cheesecakes by Alex (no unexpected visits, please) and lately I’ve been watching people walk my our window with giant cones of Homeland Creamery Ice Cream. It isn’t easy to resist walking over and joining them but I’ve been too busy for ice cream cone breaks  – or blogging, for that matter. With that said, it’s ice cream cone season – warm weather, perfect for long walks and al fresco dining.

I’m a big fan of surprising guests with ice cream cones for dessert. If you know me, I’m not big on making desserts and nothing is easier or more fun than an ice cream cone. It’s unexpected and brings everyone back to their childhood. I bought a box of 20 sugar cones for $1 (you can’t beat that) and have been serving them for weeks to friends. Here are a couple of my favorite frozen treats to serve – from a decadent local ice cream, an guilt-less frozen yogurt and my favorite gelato.

What are your favorite frozen treats?

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