Field Trip to the Old Mill of Guilford

It ‘s sort of hard to believe that I had never visited the Old Mill of Guilford until this weekend but my trips to Oak Ridge have been few and far between. A day off of work left the perfect afternoon to take a leisurely drive out to the Mill to pick up some goods. I was prepping for my upcoming column on biscuits (which will print next Friday) and needed local flour to work with. I also picked up a bag of polenta that I’ll be experimenting with this Spring.

If you haven’t made a visit to the Mill, it’s a nice short field trip from Downtown and promises a scenic view and a plethora of treats to return home with. What is your favorite thing to pick up from the Old Mill?

One comment

  1. I love their yellow grits and I am not a grits girl.I also made my first trip there this year .I was sorry it had taken me as long as it has.I was impressed that there is only one employee and everyone else you see there are volunteers.I have several friends who just love the gingerbread mix but I have never tasted it my self. BTW I grew up with my mom making polenta…she made one version with Gorgonzola dulce that was wonderful and usually served it with spring lamb and asparagus . She also mad another version with kind of a chunky tomato sauce/ratatouille over it and served it with salad and a good glass of red wine. I will see if I can find either recipe and pass them on to you.

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