Long Weekend Recap

Thank the lord for a long weekend!

I spent my time primarily indoors attempting to recover from the pollen, despite how horribly beautiful it was outside.

On Friday, I did get a chance to take a field trip with Margo (in her big ole truck) to visit the Old Mill of Guilford for some newspaper research. She also convinced me to attend my first horse show while cruising through Oak Ridge, NC! I was pleasantly amused by the Western Pleasure Wear. I need more lycra in my wardrobe. Next time I’ll plan to stay for the bull riding – next time.

Saturday morning, strawberries took center stage at the Greensboro Curb Market. They are in season a full month ahead and the market has too many to count. I bought a gallon of fresh berries to share with friends and eat for breakfast and dessert this week. I can’t get enough of them. Mark your calendars to stop by next Saturday and visit my friend at Sawyer Farms. A chat with her and a basket of strawberries will kick start a memorable weekend.

The remainder of the weekend, I cooked a spring chicken, procrastinated, snacked and snuggled with my pup. A busy few weeks are ahead (with lots of biscuits) but I’m going to try to report a few good recipes in the days ahead.

Off to enjoy the last few moments of weekend sunshine.

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